August 2

Worship Outside

It is our second week under the shade tree, it has the feeling of those outside revivals.  Join us for our August 2 service Under the Shade Tree.

July 12 Church Service

We held our first service in the sanctuary at 121 Davis in five months.  An event in itself.  We are in the process of learning how to record the service and post it for those who unable to attend.  As I said the key word here is learning. 

The Praise Team songs.           The rest of the service.

July 5 Virtual Service

Welcome to what mi our last Virtual Church Service. Our Worship in the Park group starts today, at their regular time, in the yard in front of the church at 121 Davis.  Next week we intend to start regular services in the Sanctuary.  Please remember the attendance is limited as such reservations are critical.  Without a reservation you will not be admitted to the service. 

Call Chris at the office (805) 525-6654

June 28 Virtual Services

In this morning's Worship Service Pastor Ron continues his series Worship Psalms of Deliverance, Praise, and Comfort focusing on Psalm Chapter 84 with “Coming Back to God’s House to Praise the Lord”.  The Praise Team traveled off to Donna Nelson’s home to prepare “Your Name” and  “Better is One Day”.  The hymn “Hear O Lord” and our final song “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation”.  Steve Batstone has the Congregational Prayer and Pastor Bob provides both the Call to Worship and the Benediction.  We also have a special look at the Many Meals Panty, Sponsored by The Spirit of Santa Paula and hosted by First Presbyterian, with a voice over by Kay Bolton.


Join Pastor Bob as he takes his Worship in the Park Call to Worship from Psalm 95:6-7, when we bow down before our Lord and Maker, followed by our Park Songs “Come Now is the Time to Worship’ and “Here I am to Worship”.  Join Pastor Bob as he takes his Worship in the Park Message from Psalm 95:6-7 when we bow down before our Lord and Maker.

Panting: By the Waters of Babylon, painting by Arthur Hacker, c. 1888  By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.  Psalm 137.  For 59 years the Jews waited by the rivers of Babylon before Cyrus of Persia allowed them to return to Judah and Jerusalem.

June 21

Happy Father's Day - First Presbyterian Virtual Service

Welcome to our June 21 Virtual Service.  


Pastor Ron continues his exploration of the Psalms.  Today’s message focuses on Psalm 30 with his message “The God Who Rescues Us and Switches Our Outfits”. 


In this morning’s Worship in the Park message Pastor Bob explores ‘Taming Our Tongues” based in part on James 3:1-13   Pastor Bob’s songs are “10,000 Reasons” and “I Give You My Heart”.


Photo:  We look to our Ultimate Father as God gives the spark of life Adam, from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.  Pope Julius II wanted Michelangelo to paint pictures of the 12 Apostles around the ceiling edge of his private chapel.  Between 1508-1512 Michelangelo instead painted the Christian story from the Creation of Man to the Last Judgement.  Photo is a rendering from the story board outside the Sistine Chapel because we were unable to take pictures inside the chapel.

June 14

First Presbyterian Virtual Service

This morning in our Virtual Service Pastor Ron gives part 2 of his message, “God Is Always Talking, We Should Be Listening”, based on Psalm 19:7-14 encouraging our listening to and reading the Word of God. 

Pastor Bob will be leading a discussion for the Worship in the Park members.


The photo:  There was a time when most people could not read God’s Word.  The Bible was taught through art and sculpture.  We saw this above main entrance of Notre Dame in Paris when we visited in 2014.  It shows Jesus seated in judgement.  Souls which are to be condemned are given to the devil underneath Jesus and marched of  to the right in chains.  Those saved are given to the angel below Jesus and look back up at Jesus in prayer and gratitude.  At the bottom of the picture the dead come to life and rise up from their graves to be judged.

Pentecost Service May 31

This morning our Pentecost Service contains our Praise Team singing “O Dove of God Descending”, “Come Holy Spirit”, "Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God”, and “Holy, Holy, Holy.  Wendy Batstone delivers our congregational prayer and Pastor Bob bring us our message “Pentecost; Then and Now” from the Psalms.

For our Worship in the Park family we have the songs “Amazing Grace-My Chains Are Gone” and “Refiners’ Fire” along with the message “Pentecost; Then and Now".

Paintings from,  

1) El Greco, The Pentecost (1596-1600), Museo del Prado, Madrid

2) Emil Nolde (1867-1956), Pentecost (Pfingsten) (1909), Nationalgalerie SPMK, Berlin.

3) Bernini Alabaster window Cathedral Petri (1647-53) St Peter’s Basilica, Vatica

May 10 Service

You are invited to Opening of the Service with Pastor Ron’ Call To Worship, followed by the Praise Team singing “Shout to the North and the South” and “You Are My All in All”.  Next we have Pastor Bob and the Congregational Prayer and our Anthem, “Ten Thousand Reasons”.  

In the Message we start as Pastor Ron explores ‘Building A Faith Which Lasts Forever’ based on 2 Peter 2:1-9.  This section ends with the Praise Team singing the closing hymn, “Be Thou My Vision” and Pastor Ron with the final notes and the blessing.  

Pastor Bob has a special message for the congregation at Worship in the Park.  It includes two songs, “Come, Now is the Time to Worship” and “Holy is the Lord” and his message ‘Standing on the Promises of God’.  

May 3 Service

Watch Pastor Bobs message for Worship in the Park.

Part One is our welcome, Praise Team, Congregational Prayer and Anthem

Part Two Pastor Ron's service, communion, closing hymn and benediction.

April 26 service

Part One starts with Pastor Ron’s Welcome and Opening Prayer.  It continues with the Praise Team singing “Knowing You” and Trust and Obey”.  The Praise Team is followed by Steve Batstone and the Congregational Prayer. Part One ends with our anthem “Come To Jesus” by Donna Nelson and Lucinda Anderson.

In Part Two Pastor Ron brings his message based on 2Peter 1:5-11 “Growing Our Faith In Jesus” and ends with the Praise Team singing “You Are The Vine”.

April 19 first Sunday after Easter

Part One Call to Worship, the Praise Team singing “10,000 Reasons” and “You Are Mine”.  Donna, Lucinda and Steve follow with “Reach Out to Jesus” and “The Old Rugged Cross”, congregational prayer.


In Part Two Pastor Ron 2Peter 1:1-4 about “Growing with God’s Power, His Promises and His Knowledge”, the Prayer of Dedication, “God of Wonders”,  and Benediction.

Our Easter Sunday Service

This Link takes you to the service opening with the Bell Choir, the Praise Team, Gordon Whitcomb with our Easter Proclamation, Our Choir singing “Sunrise Resurrection” and Pastor Ron with the Prayers of the People and our Easter message.

This Link takes you to the Pastor Ron as he presents our Communion Service and our Closing Hymn.