praying together

As a Community of Believers we believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer in every setting.  Prayer as a group and prayer as individuals.  The following are members of our community who are in need of prayer, everything from life stress to health concerns.


Those to hold up in prayer:

Our Servicemen and Servicewomen and Our Country

Our Cites of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura

Our Police and Firefighters

Peace and Unity in our country

Healthcare workers

The Harvard homeless shelter

All of the people of the world as they grapple with the challenges of COVID-19

Those with special Health Concerns and facing Life Challenges:

Marion N.                                          Lin T.                                              Pastor Bob

Dot P.                                                 Jim L.                                              Homeless

Crespo Family                                  David Garcia Family                       Mary Anne                                                       

Patty P.                                              Alda                                                 Ashlee D                                   

Brett W.                                             Jeremy B                                         Rudy T.

Kim                                                   Bob B.                                             Bill E.

Anthony M.                                       Todd C.                                           Estrada Family

Becky/Ben                                        Helen & Martin                               Luis C.

Kay & Shirley H.                              Nathan   R                                      John K.

Mary B.                                             Caregivers                                      Wesley C.

Connie B.                                           Rob B.                                           Bernadine M.

Rose C.                                              Helen T.                                         Ann C.

Don M.                                              Virginia G.

Ministry of Hope - Lesotho. Africa (Coronavirus)

Missionaries of the Month:  Gary and Karen Griffiths, Church World Service