praying together

As a Community of Believers we believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer in every setting.  Prayer as a group and prayer as individuals.  The following are members of our community who are in need of prayer, everything from life stress to health concerns.

Prayers for September 19

As a Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer:

Our servicemen and women and our country.

Our cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura & our police and firemen.

Peace and unity in our country.

The people whose names are in the prayer box.

Caregivers for their loved ones - Susan, Cheryl, Dianne, Val, Elizabeth

All those with COVID.

Health Concerns & Life Challenges

                                    Jim Leatherman                                      Joan Greenwood

                                    Rose Clark                                              Bill Elder

                                    Anthony Martinez                                  Joey & James

                                    Ann Cody                                               Kay Hara

                                    John Kemp                                             Char Wintz & Family

                                   Mal King                                                 Alan Johnson

                                   Lin Thomas                                           

                                   David, Frances & Olita (Joyce Rounds brother & sister) 

                                   Sandra Christian & Brenda Crespo

                                   Diane Fleckenstein  - daughter (Covid) and grandson Jesse

                                   Veronica Rios' grandchildren  (Covid)

                                  Gretchen Roger's grandchildren (Covid)

                                  Charlotte Wear  and grandchildren


Mission Program of the Month:  United World Mission