Worship in the Park Bulletin Summary

March 15, 2020 at 11:00

Corner of East Ventura and South 10th Street

Call to Worship:                                                            Rudy Jimenez


Songs of Worship:                                                         “Good To Me”

                                                                                        “Open the Eyes of My Heart”



Community Prayer / Lord’s Prayer                            Ruth Rope


Message Scripture:                                                         Luke 22:54-62


Message:                                                                         “God Does Not Give Up On Us ”     

                                                                                          Pastor Bob Ramos


Response of God’s People:                                           “Forever”


What's Happening at 1St Presbyterian:                      Erika Aguayo


Benediction and Sending of God’s People:                  Pastor Bob Ramos

Private Prayers for God’s People:                                Pastor Bob Ramos / Rudy Jimenez

Music:                                                                                  Pastor Bob Ramos