June 6 Worship Service , Congregation in Praise & Prayer,  Pastor Ron's Message, and Communion

Second Sunday in the Season of epiphany

January 16th Worship service

As we move on to the second week of Epiphany, we continue to celebrate Jesus’ manifestation to the world.  Last week I mentioned scriptures referring to Jesus being recognized as the Son of God. 


But there is another level of manifestation, and it is to us, the readers of the New Testament.  There are four Gospels, an early history of the church, a book of revelation and 21 other books by various authors all proclaiming in various ways that over 2,000 years ago on the coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea God became manifest in the form of a baby and came to live among his people.


It was through this birth, and our revelation, our epiphany that we became the Body of Christ, the church, engaged in the work of bringing about God’s community on earth.


Join us as week continue to celebrate God working in our lives with our January 16th Worship Service.

                                         Announcements:                                                                   Chris Buchanan                             

                                       Call to Worship:                                                                      Pastor Ron Urzua


                                      Hymns of Praise:                                                                      Praise Team

                                                                                     "Soon and Very Soon"

                                                                              "I've Got Peace Like A River"      


                                      Moment of Witness:                                                                 Donna Nelson

                                                                             Tribute to Martin Luther King                                           


                                     Scripture/Praise/Prayers:                                                          Pastor Bob/Rod Thompson

                                                                                                                                            Larry Murray 

                                     Scripture:                                                                                     Natalile Panaia

                                                                                       Galatians 6:6-9

                                    Message:                                                                                         Pastor Ron Urzua

                                                                   "Keep Planting! Harvest Time in Coming!!!"

                                   Dedication of Tithes and Offerings:                                             Susan Elder


                                  Doxology:                                                                                          Praise Team

                                  Closing Song:                                                                                    Praise Team

                                                                                  "Servant Song" 

                                  Word of Blessing:                                                                             Pastor Ron

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Music Direction: Steve Batstone

Praise Team: 

Steve Batstone/Natalie Panaia/Donna Nelson/Lucinda Anderson/Lea Blair/Rod Thompson/Larry Murray/Dion Anderson

Pianist:  Donna Nelson

Photos/Pictures: January 16th Park Worship Service

Revised Activity Schedule

Tuesday 9:15 Staff Meeting

Wednesday 9:30  Women to Women on the patio

Wednesday 11:00 Men's Bible Study

Wednesday 2:30 Pantry Set-Up

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30  Food Pantry on the Patio

Wednesday 7:00  REFRESH on ZOOM

Thursday 5:30 Praise Team Rehearsal

Thursday 6:30  Park Men's Bible Study