Who We Are

Our Identity Statement
First Presbyterian Church is an evangelical church in the city of Santa Paula, California that desires to be a Christian Community committed to......Learning and Obeying the Word of God in order to be an authentic worshiping community of Jesus Christ.

Embracing and serving all people with the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ in ways that affirm them as God's Beloved and bringing witness to the Gospel.

Our Way Point
To make disciples of Christ in the Heritage Valley and beyond, who are rooted in God's Word, led by the Holy Spirit, and devoted to prayer and growth in His grace.

Our Mission
To minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

Picture: Decorating the sanctuary Christmas Tree during the December 1, 2019 9:30 service

Why First Presbyterian?

A Pastor’s Letter to Santa Paula

Dear Santa Paula Resident,

Hello. My name is Ron Urzua and I have been the Senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Santa Paula since November, 2009.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my heart for this great community.  I’m also the pastor of Living Hope Church in Port Hueneme, and prior to that I was pastor of Word of Life Church in Port Hueneme for 18 years. 

Rick Warren, noted author and Pastor of Saddleback Church said “Every human heart has a hole in it the size of the Grand Canyon and only God is large enough to fill it because humans were designed for relationship with God.”

I love assisting people in their spiritual growth in Christ because only through a personal relationship with God can we truly experience life in marriage, family, work/business, recreation, etc. to the fullest and as God intended. 

Relationships, achievements, travel, and experiences can bring us moments of pleasure, fun, excitement, a sense of achievement, and many good memories of yesterday.  However, only through a personal relationship with God can we experience an enduring peace, contentment, and joy that’s independent of ever changing circumstances.  God in Christ frees people to really live life in the true sense of the word! 

I hope Santa Paulan's and those in the surrounding communities who do not attend church, consider visiting First Presbyterian Church because in addition to having a friendly, accepting, non-judgmental, upbeat, and casual atmosphere it will be life transforming. 

You may think that’s a melodramatic statement or an exaggeration, but for the past 20 years I have had the privilege of seeing many families and individuals experience transformation and renewal as they encounter God in the Holy Scriptures and experience His presence through heartfelt worship within a loving and supportive Christian community. 

I think that both of our Sunday morning worship services are good venues for the average Joe or Josie who’s not “into church” but has a desire to learn the Bible, discover what Christ has done for them, and draw closer to God.  

Photo:  Pastor Ron Urzua leading the Eucharist during the 9:30 service on the first Sunday of Advent December 2019