Helping To Support First Presbyterian

These are difficult unprecedented times and while no one ever likes to ask for money it is one of those tasks which have to be done.  The mission of the church continues unabated as we transfer from holding regular services in the church at 121 Davis Street and Veterans Park to an online ministry.  Videos are recorded for each Sunday include announcements, music and messages and posted on the Website and our Facebook page.  We are in a learning process with systems such ZOOM which will allow us to conduct business meetings. Our mission work continues with programs such as Many Meals evolving from cooking meals to a food bank every Wednesday.

The work and expenses continue, but the offering plates are not being passed.  We still need operating funds.  We are asking you to please not forget us.  A check mailed to us at First Presbyterian Church, 121 Davis Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060-2788 would be wonderful. 

Another option is Donation Button shown above.  This button connects a secure website operated through the Presbyterian Foundation.  Donations through this service are passed on to First Presbyterian Church monthly.

What ever means you chose to support our church we are blessed to have you in our family and we thank you.

Pictures are from our Congregation at Veteran's park and our Congregation in the Sanctuary at a Sunday service.