August 16

Worship Outside

no  reservations required

We are preparing for our fourth week of worshiping outside.  We are buying additional shade pop-ups to support our growing attendance.  

Our order of Worship will be

                                          Gathering Music:                                        Donna Nelson and Praise Team

                                                                                                                              "10,000 Reasons"

                                          Call to Worship:                                         Pastor Ron Urzua

                                          Music:                                                        The Praise Team          

                                                                                                                                "The Compassion Hymn"                             

                                          Prayers for God's People:                           Pastor Bob Ramos

                                          Scripture:                                                    Pastor Ron - Acts 3:1-21

                                         Message:                                                      Pastor Ron

                                                                                                                                "Giving the Good News Jesus Christ,

                                                                                                                                  Is Better Than Giving Money"

                                          Prayer of Dedication:                                 Larry Murray

                                         Closing Song                                               Praise Team

                                                                                                                                 "Jesus Messiah"             

                                         Benediction/Blessing:                                  Pastor Bob

Videos of Previous Services are available.

Photo:  From Worship Outside August 9.

Prayer Request August 16

As a Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer.  Pray request fort Health Concerns and Life Challenges this week go out to:

               Bob Buchanan                      Jim Leatherman                     

               Rose Clark                            Randy & Joanna Axell

               Bill Elder                              Bernadine McCracken

               Robert Lassiter                     Ann Cody

               John Kemp                           Helen Tubbs

               Hope Mata                 

               Bessie Crowl                       Wesley Cullins

               Helen & Marion                   Erika (Veronica’s cousin)

               Pastor Bob                           Veronica Sandez-Rios

               Murray’s daughter               Allison & Alice

               Freda Barron & family (Priscilla’s sister)

August Mission of the Month

Compassion International

The purpose is the children.  Their need, to be lifted from poverty and given a chance to realize their potential.


In 1952 Rev. Everett Swanson traveled to South Korea to minister to the troops fighting there.  What he found were orphans in the streets and Compassion International was born.


Since 1952 the work has grown.  Today Compassion International works with thousands of local churches in 25 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America to give nearly 2 million children and young adults an opportunity for a better life.


Teaming with local churches Compassion International provides a Christ centered focus to its teaching and program.


By sponsoring a child you ensure that through the local church this child will receive the holistic approach to nutrition, health care, education and guidance so they can be responsible and productive to themselves and their community.  Sponsorship has the added advantage of knowing the individual you are helping by sharing letters and pictures on a regular basis. In person visits can also be arranged.


The sponsorship cost is $38 per month.

According to the Compassion International website there are 61,808 children waiting for a The following video tells us a little bit about the Compassion International.


This is a connection to the Compassion International Website