Hump Day Devotions

Is the Coronavirus Church Service becoming the new normal?  We have no idea but we do know it is taking our worship in directions we had not considered.

Along with our Sunday Service Recorded Videos Pastor Ron is going to start offering mid week messages called Hump Day Devotions.

Join us as Ron explores the 91st Psalm and tells us about the Promises we have been given, the Strength of the Apostle Paul, and how the Resurrection of Christ speaks to us during our shelter-in-place.

Our First Hump Day Devotion

First Presbyterian Church, Santa Paula

The Coronavirus Church

Once again the Coronavirus has kept us out of the sanctuary at 121 Davis Street, and the Veteran’s Park in Santa Paula on a Sunday Morning.  The location aside we are still worshiping our Lord and you are invited to join us.


This Sunday Ron explores Matthew 18:20 where Jesus tells his disciples where ever two or more are gathered in His name He will be there with them.  Ron’s message “Risen and Alive With Christ” follows the Praise Team singing “Cornerstone” and “Be Thou My Vision”.


The direct links to the March 29 First Presbyterian Church Santa Paula Worship are right here. 

Chris Buchanan Announcements

Praise Team

Pastor Ron’s Message 


Below is the link to the uninterrupted March 29 service....which is running with closed captions:

March 29 Uninterrupted Service: March 29 Uninterrupted Service

These are trying times and while we need to remain strong in the faith, we also need to be wise.  The church office will be closed for at least the next week.  You can visit us on Facebook “First Presbyterian Church Santa Paula”


or check out the website at .


If you need to contact a person you can email us at: or telephone us at (805) 525-6654 and leave a voice message.  All voice messages will be answered.


Take care of yourselves, be aware of your surroundings, and we will be back together again as a family we hope soon.


(PS.  The reason these are separated is that if they are spliced into one unit the Closed Captioning will not work because of it cannot translate the music section.  I’m currently having problems with the Closed Captioning.  I hope to have it running by the time you watch these.)

New Pages

We've added a couple of new things this week.

The March Newsletter has been published.  Click here to see a copy.

There is a new page dedicated to prayer.  Click here to see the members of our community who we are holding up in prayer.

Ministry of Hope Lesotho

There is a refuge for the orphaned and displaced children of Maseru, Lesotho a small country surrounded by South Africa.  It is the Ministry of Hope Lesotho, our mission outreach for the month of March.


To learn more visit our Community Outreach page.

The following link will take you to a video for the Ministry of Hope Lesotho:  Ministry of Hope Lesotho


Picture:  Mamonyane Mohale, co-founder and Executive Director of the Ministry of Hope