Journey through the new Testament

Monday through Friday, for the next year, Pastor Ron will be reading a chapter from the New Testament and posting it to YouTube.

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Journey through The New Testament-Pastor Ron Urzua

June 6 Worship Service , Congregation in Praise & Prayer,  Pastor Ron's Message, and Communion

July 25th Worship service

After a long hot week the temperature cooled this weekend in preparation for continued hot weather this coming week.  At some point fall will come and our daily temperatures will become more bearable.

For now though this Sunday Sunday dawned bright and clear with the soft breeze from the west.  A beautiful day for the last Sunday in July.

And in First Presbyterian Church we gathered to celebrate and worship in the present thankful we have a God who is active in our individual lives and the lives of our community.

PS.  Check below for a link to "Journey" as Pastor Ron takes us through a chapter of Bible each weekday for the next year.

Join us for our July 25th Worship Service.

                             Announcements:                                                                 Chris Buchanan

                             Call to Worship:                                                                 Pastor Bob Ramos

                                                                           Luke 6:47-49


                            Gathering Music                                                               The Praise Team

                                                                         "Holy, Holy, Holy"

                           Praise and Prayer:                                                               Pastor Bob Ramos / Larry Murray

                                                                                                                           Rod Thompson


                            Scripture:                                                                             Terry Rounds                          

                                                                       Hebrews 12:18-29

                           Message:                                                                                Pastor Ron Urzua

                                                             "Listening to the Voice of Life"

                           Dedication of Offerings:                                                      Rob Schleef

                           Doxology:                                                                              Congregation / The Praise Team

                           Closing Song:                                                                        The Praise Team

                                                                              "Refiner's Fire"  

                          Word of Blessing:                                                                   Pastor Ron

Videos of Previous Services are available.

Music Director: Steve Batstone

July Guest Pianist:  Christina Eilar

Photos/Pictures: From July 25th Worship Service

Revised Activity Schedule

Tuesday 9:15 Staff Meeting

Wednesday 9:30  Women to Women on the patio

Wednesday 11:00 Men's Bible Study (on summer break)

Wednesday 2:30 Pantry Set-Up

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30  Food Pantry on the Patio

Wednesday 7:00  REFRESH on ZOOM

Thursday 5:30 Praise Team Rehearsal

Thursday 6:30  Park Men's Bible Study

Praying Together

Prayer Requests for July 25

As a Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer:

Our servicemen and women and our country.

Our cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura & our police and firemen.

Peace and unity in our country.

The people whose names are in the prayer box.

Caregivers for their loved ones - Susan, Cheryl, Dianne, Val, Elizabeth

All those with COVID.

Memorial Services:

              Bob Buchanan—August 21 - 11 AM.

              Audrey Robertson - August 27 - 6:30 PM. (Vespers in the courtyard)

              Mary Brown—September 18

Health Concerns & Life Challenges

                                    Jim Leatherman                                     Hope & Lisa

                                    Rose Clark                                             Bill Elder

                                    Anthony Martinez                                 Joey & James

                                    Ann Cody                                              Kay Hara

                                    John Kemp                                            Char Wintz & Family

                                    Jessie                                                      Racquel Taylor

                                   Alice and Allison                                    Howard Bolton

                                   Luis Cantero                                           Mal King

                                  Alan Johnson                                           Lucinda & Dion                                 

                                  Sheryl                                                       Yamlan

                                  Brenda Foster                                          Sherie Courtney

                                  David & Olita (Joyce Rounds brother & sister) 

                                  Cheryl's brother James

                                  Sandra Christian & Brenda Crespo

                                  Diane Fleckenstein and her brother Bruce



Mission Program of the Month:  Cru Ministries

Joe Smith, with Cru Ministries, recently lost his father.  A letter from Joe is posted at the Cru Mission of the Month page.