MAny MEals

Just after noon every Wednesday a truck backs along the driveway on the north side of the church.  People start to unload boxes of food and bring them down the steps into the church kitchen.

Across the street in the parking lot the workers get out of their cars.   Carrying knives and aprons they start across the street and enter the hallway leading to the kitchen.

The ingredients for the Wednesday Evening Many Meals have arrived.

Nothing compares to the pain of hunger.

Many Meals is a concentrated effort between First Presbyterian and the SPIRIT of Santa Paula to reach out to our community providing a hot meal (eat-in or take-out) and a food pantry.

Sometimes it is the homeless who come each Wednesday between 5 and 6 PM.  Sometimes it is simply people on a fixed income whose dollar have been stretch to the limit.

Photo:  Wednesday afternoon and preparation of nearly 500 meals starts for the afternoon.

Our Outreach to the Homeless

Our joint venture with the SPIRIT of Santa Paula is Many Meals served on Wednesday nights in the church fellowship hall.

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High School Choir

Every once in while something just clicks.  It happened two years ago with the First Presbyterian Church's Christmas Program.  There was a spark that grew into a flame when we were joined by the Santa Paula High School Choir.

It happened again with last years Christmas program when the choir stopped by to offer a couple of songs, including an ensemble of Robert Frosts "Road Not Taken",  and joined the church choir for one song.

We are looking forward to developing this relationship and are in the process of hosting a fund raiser for the choir this coming September.

Photo:  Christmas Program performance by the Santa Paula High School Choir

Ministry of Hope Lesotho

Located in the southeastern corner of South Africa is the small high-altitude country of Lesotho.  Near the north western edge of Lesotho on the Caledon River is the capital city of Maseru, a community of approximately 331,000 people.    


Lesotho gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966 and has since started its economic growth, but still over 40% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day.


The Ministry of Hope was created by Mamonyane Mohale (nutritionist and public health nurse) and Nancy Dimmock (former mission worker for the Presbyterian Church USA) in 2009 to nurture and improve the health of impoverished orphaned children.


To learn more visit the Ministry of Hope Lesotho at their website:

The following link takes you to a video of the Ministry of Hope Lesotho:  Ministry of Hope Lesotho


Picture:  This is home.  A three bedroom house with one bathroom which at times has been home to as many as 30 individuals at once.  Children balancing against a wall.  Popa ‘Maleng, Consultant Social Worker