Chris Buchanan Church coordinator

If a microphone needs the sound adjusted Chris knows how to work the sound board. She programs the Media Shout program on the computer for worship.  She also manages the church office along with a multitude of volunteers, prepares the weekly bulletins, keeps the schedules for the Session and Deacon Committees, and pinch hits as custodian from time to time.  Her emphasis is always on showing others where things are and how to accomplish the daily tasks involved in managing a church. 

She is an alto in the Chancel Choir, always has time to answer questions no matter how busy she is (and she is always busy), and able to manage multiple priorities keeping all under control.  She even finds time to join the worship service at the park many Sundays. After retiring from the Santa Paula Elementary School District, God called, and she answered.  Chris definitely has not learned how to do “retirement” yet.

Chris has been with First Presbyterian Church since 1972, a central feature in the church office since 2010, and Session Clerk since 2008.

Photos:  Chris manning the PowerPoint during Praise Team rehearsal, lighting the stove for Many Meals, and someone has take photos...all other duties as assigned.