June 6 Worship Service , Congregation in Praise & Prayer,  Pastor Ron's Message, and Communion

february 5th Worship Service

In the Gospel of John Jesus performs 7 Signs.  The Signs are miracles which Jesus performs in public and in the process demonstrates to the people that he is truly the Son of God.  John ends the first chapter of his gospel with Jesus calling his disciples and preparing to leave the Baptizer and the Jordan River (near Jerusalem) for the area of Galilee.

Chapter 2 starts with Jesus and the disciples in Galilee, and along with Jesus and his disciples Jesus’ mother have have been invited to a wedding.  As the wedding feasting and celebration continues the host runs out of wine. 

Jesus’s mother discovers the wine is gone and she sends the servants to Jesus.  Jesus asks, ‘Why involve me, my time has not yet come.”  And ignoring him Mary tells the servants to do whatever Jesus says. 

Jesus tells the servants to fill six stone water jars, each about 20 to 30 gallons, with water.  Then they are to take a sample from each jar to the banquet master.  When he tastes the samples, which had been turned into wine, he compliments the bridegroom, for saving the best wine till the end of the banquet.

And so, at his mother’s instance, Jesus performs his first public miracle, thus announcing himself to the world.  Join us for our February 5th Worship Service

                                    Gathering Music                                                                      Donna Nelson

                                   Announcements:                                                                       Chris Buchanan

                                   Call to Worship:                                                                        Pastor Bob Ramos

                                                                                  1Cronicles 16:28                                      

                                   Songs  of Praise:                                                                        Praise Team

                                                                                "Shout to the North

                                                                    "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone"

                                  Praise & Prayer:                                                                     Pastor Bob Ramos

                                  Scriptures:                                                                                Pastor Ron Urzua

                                                                                     Genesis 1:16-18

                                                                                     Hebrews 1:17-23

                                  Message:                                                                                    Pastor Ron

                                                "Viewing Jesus From Different Angles in the Old Testament"

                                  Communion:                                                                             Pastor Ron / Pastor Bob, Larry Murray


                                  Dedication of Tithes and Offerings                                          Joyce Rounds

                                  Doxology:                                                                                      Praise Team


                                 Closing Hymn:                                                                              Praise Team


                                Word of Blessing:                                                                          Pastor Bob

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Music Direction: Steve Batstone

Praise Team: 

Steve Batstone/Susan Elder/Donna Nelson/Lucinda Anderson/Lea Blair/Rod Thompson/Larry Murray/Dion Anderson

Pianist:  Donna Nelson

Paintings:Wedding at Cana, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua, Italy, Giotto di Bondone, 1305

Wedding at Cana, Paolo Veronese 1563 currently in the Louvre

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