May Mission of the Month

United World Mission

The Vision of the United World Mission is to develop flourishing churches because flourishing churches:

  • Proclaim the Good News of the Gospel that Christ is alive and working in the world
  • Overcome social divisions and creates a loving community
  • Encourages good works through the community with service, mercy and justice


How to make that happen? 


Nearly 90% of the churches in the world are led by men and women whose heart is in the right place but have little or no training for the ministry.


The work of the United World Mission is to provide theological education, practical training and spiritual formation to all leaders, everywhere.


Visit the website: United World Mission


Picture:  Karen and Gary Griffith, our local faces to United World Mission, and one of the many outreach programs across the world.

Mission of the Month April 2020

Campus crusade

Campus Crusade, in Portland, Oregon is our Mission Of  the Month for April 2020.

From Joe and Emily Smith we  received the following:

We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our coffee shop so we can start ministry out of it. Our vision of "creating a common gathering of authentic relationships, around coffee and ending slavery, where the good news is shared and lived out through doing life together" motivates us. With the COVID pandemic shutting down local businesses we are waiting prayerfully for our future launch.


Before the shutdown happened we had opportunities to connect a lot with the music teachers who run a music school in the building we share. It was a really neat foreshadowing of what we hope the space can look like, as we made them coffee and built meaningful relationships over having some significant conversations.


Thank you so much for your continued partnership! Here's a few pictures of the space we've been building from the ground up with our own hands.

March 2020 Ministry of the Month

Ministry of Hope Lesotho

Located in the southeastern corner of South Africa is the small high-altitude country of Lesotho.  Near the north western edge of Lesotho on the Caledon River is the capital city of Maseru, a community of approximately 331,000 people.    


Lesotho gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966 and has since started its economic growth, but still over 40% of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day.


The Ministry of Hope was created by Mamonyane Mohale (nutritionist and public health nurse) and Nancy Dimmock (former mission worker for the Presbyterian Church USA) in 2009 to nurture and improve the health of impoverished orphaned children.


To learn more visit the Ministry of Hope Lesotho at their website:

The following link takes you to a video of the Ministry of Hope Lesotho:  Ministry of Hope Lesotho


Picture:  This is home.  A three bedroom house with one bathroom which at times has been home to as many as 30 individuals at once.  Children balancing against a wall.  Popa ‘Maleng, Consultant Social Worker