praying together

As a Community of Believers we believe in the power of prayer.  Prayer in every setting.  Prayer as a group and prayer as individuals.  The following are members of our community who are in need of prayer, everything from life stress to health concerns.

Prayers for September 25th

Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer:

Our servicemen and women and our country.

Our cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura & our police and firemen.

Peace and unity in our country.

Caregivers for their loved ones - Susan, Dianne, Elizabeth

All those with COVID.

The names in the Prayer Box

Health Concerns & Life Challenges

                                Sally & Laura Staben                             Carol Boatner             

                                Brenda Stewart                                       Kay Hara

                                Diane Fleckenstien                                 Jamie

                                Mal King & Family                               Alan Johnson

                                Blanca                                                    Larry Murray

                                Dion Anderson                                       Eve Reeves

                                Louise Saviers                                       Anthony Martinez

                                David, Frances & Olita (Joyce Rounds brother & sister) 

                                Sandra Christian & Brenda Crespo     

                               Lyn Creighton                                         Christina Garcia

                               My Brother, Chris                                   Luis Cantero

                               Steve Breummer                                     Kenny Rogers                                        

                               Willow Duffy                                          Joey & James

                               Michael Wear                                          Maddy

                               Jessie                                                       Uncle David

                              Ann Cody



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