October 25

Worship Outside

no  reservations required

We are nearing the winter holiday season, starting with Halloween (All Hallows Eve) next Saturday, followed by All Saints Day on November 1 and All Souls Day on November 2.  As we observe the holidays please keep the pandemic in your thoughts and practice safe and prudent practices.

As we move into the fall of year, even thought it has been deemed safe to hold limited worship services indoors, for congregational safety reasons we are going to continue with our services under the tents and elm tree in First Presbyterian's back yard (weather permitting).

Now join us for the video of our service from October 25 as we Worship Outside.

                             Gathering Music:                                                            Donna Nelson and Praise Team

                                                                         "Your Name "

                             Call to Worship:                                                               Pastor Bob Ramos


                             Song of Praise:                                                                 Donna Nelson and The Praise Team          

                                                                 "In The Eye of the Storm"                             


                             Praise and Prayers:                                                         Pastor Bob


                             Scripture:                                                                          Pastor Ron Uruza


                             Message:                                                                           Pastor Ron

                                                    "The Habit of Preaching Jesus to Ourselves" 


                           Prayer of Dedication:                                                       Rob Thompson


                            Closing Song:                                                                   Donna Nelson and Praise Team

                                                                           "Speak of Lord"             

                            Benediction:                                                                       Pastor Ron

Videos of Previous Services are available.

Music Director: Steve Batstone

Photo:  From Worship Outside, October 18 service.

Revised Activity Schedule

Wednesday 9:30  Women to Women on the patio

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30  Food Pantry on the Patio

Wednesday 7:00  REFRESH on ZOOM

Thursday 5:00 Hand-bell Practice on the Patio

Thursday 6:30  Praise Team Practice on the Patio

Praying Together

Prayer Requests for October 25

As a Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer. 

Our servicemen and women and our country.

Our cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura & our police and firemen.

Peace and unity in our country.

The people whose names are in the prayer box.

Health Concerns & Life Challenges 

                                     Bob Buchanan                                     Jim Leatherman                   

                                     Rose Clark                                           Randy & Joanna Axell

                                     Bill Elder                                             Bernadine McCracken

                                     Nadyne Macom                                  Ann Cody

                                    John Kemp                                          Helen Tubbs

                                    Hope Mata                                          Brenda Stewart

                                    Erika (Veronica’s cousin)                   Allison & Alice    

                                    Dion Anderson                                    Dion Anderson

                                    Howard Bolton                                   Pat & Nathan Cushing

                                    Kay and Shirley Hara                         Linda Dewey

                                    Patsy Caroll                                        Ian Batstone

                                    Holly Jackson                                      Howard Bolton

                                    Diane Fleckenstein, daughter Lisa, grandson Jesse 

                                    People whose names are in the prayer box  

                                   IMPACT, our Mission of the Month Program         


Mission Program of the Month:  IMPACT

Learn more about the work of this organization on our website at sppresby.com

October Mission of the Month


Since the beginning the Christian Mission has been to deliver the message of Jesus through both the Word and actions.  This is a hands-on approach and IMPACT delivers on both these levels.

From the IMPACT website here is the IMPACT Mission, Vision and Practical Application:

 IMPACT's Mission: is to form, train and send teams, prepared to serve Christ and his Church through cross-cultural mission journeys that nurture the ministries of global partners and train participants to be missionaries at home.

IMPACT's Vision: is to cultivate relationships that mutually impact Christians and ministries across the globe for Christ and his Kingdom. 

IMPACT journeysTeams spend 3 days in training together before being sent out to countries around the world to serve for 1-3 weeks.  Ministry opportunities vary from country to country visit Current Trips for information on trips being offered this year.

Visit the:

IMPACT:   Video Link.

Another IMPACT Video added October 11:  Video Link

IMPACT:   Website


every Wednesday

In this time of COVID-19 the dynamic of worship is evolving from using ZOOM for studies and meetings to worshiping outside on Sunday mornings under the shade tree.  

Wednesday evenings, starting September 16, we will be asked to join with members of First Presbyterian and  Living Hope Church in Port Hueneme to hold a time for prayer, music and message on ZOOM. 

This period of about an hour is going to focus on scripture, how the gospel message fits in our lives today, spending time with our Lord in prayer, and even some special music.

At 7:00 PM on Wednesday, click on the Refresh picture above.  Your computer screen will be taken to the ZOOM website.  Type in the Meeting ID: 94 7018 5467 and click JOIN.  You will then be asked to activate  the launch application (zoom.us), click Open Link.  Next you will asked to type in the Password:  JESUS, and click JOIN.

And instantly you will join the family.  Have a Blessed time.

Praying Hands courtesy of:  nathan-dumlao-k-oS0iKn0Qg-unsplash

Bible courtesy of:  timothy-eberly-_4l76rRSsr4-unsplash