May 2

Worshiping in the sanctuary

The temperature this morning was in the low 60s and the sun barely peaking through the clouds when church started, but we did not care.  The revised rules for gatherings under the coronavirus have changed and we have moved into the sanctuary, hopefully on a permanent basis.

The Praise Team is again excellent leading us in "Cornerstone", "Ancient Words" and "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God".    Pastor Bob explores Proverbs 3:3-4 in his message "How Love and Kindness Make A Difference."

By the way....Happy Easter to our brothers and sisters following the Eastern Orthodox faith.  Today they are celebrating Easter Sunday becasue they follow the Julian Calendar instead of the Georgian Calendar we use.

Join us for our fifth Sunday of Easter Service, May 2 Worshiping in the Sanctuary.

                             Announcements:                                                                 Chris Buchanan

                             Call to Worship:                                                                  Cheryl Leatherman


                            Gathering Music                                                                The Praise Team

                                                                       "Ancient Words"

                            Praise and Prayer:                                                              Pastor Bob / Larry Murray

                                                                                                                          Rod Thompson


                              Scripture:                                                                          Pastor Bob

                                                                           Proverbs 3:3-4

                             Message:                                                                             Pastor Bob Ramos

                                                 "How Love and Kindness Make A Difference"

                            Communion                                                                          Pastor Bob & Rob Schleef

                                           Meditation Music: "By A Peaceful River" - Dona Nelson / Devon Leon


                           Dedication of Offerings:                                                      Gretchen Rogers

                            Doxology:                                                                              Congregation / The Praise Team

                          Closing Song:                                                                          The Praise Team

                                                           "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"  

                          Word of Blessing:                                                                   Pastor Bob

Videos of Previous Services are available.

Music Director: Steve Batstone

Piano:  Donna Nelson

Photos:  From Sunday May 2, Worship Outside Service

Revised Activity Schedule

Wednesday 9:30  Women to Women on the patio

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30  Food Pantry on the Patio

Wednesday 7:00  REFRESH on ZOOM

Thursday 5:00 Hand-bell Practice on the Patio

Thursday 6:30  Praise Team Practice on the Patio

Praying Together

Prayer Requests for April 25

As a Community, as a Family of Believers we believe in the power of Prayer. 

Our servicemen and women and our country.

Our cities of Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ventura & our police and firemen.

Peace and unity in our country.

The people whose names are in the prayer box.

Caregivers for their loved ones - Susan, Cheryl, Dianne, Val, Elizabeth

All those with COVID.

And our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of Virginia Gunderson who passed away over the weekend. The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, memorial donations be made to the Santa Paula Art Museum % of Jennifer Heighton

Memorial Services:

              Lois Rafferty - May 22 - 11 a.m.

              Virginia Gunderson - July

              Bob Buchanan—August 21 - 11 a.m.

              Mary Brown—September 18

Health Concerns & Life Challenges

                                    Jim & Leatherman                                  Hope & Lisa

                                    Rose Clark                                              Norma Ekman

                                    Bill Elder                                                Val's sister Jeannie

                                    Ann Cody                                               Kay and Shirley Hara

                                    John Kemp                                             Nancy Sayre

                                    Kate Kaske                                             Scott B.

                                    Diane Fleckenstein and her brother Bruce

                                    Alice and Allison                                   Anthony Martinez

                                   Joyce's brother, Donald                           Dino Arellano

                                   Earl & Char Wintz                                  Mal King

                                   Alan Johnson                                          Sherrie Foley (Mal's daughter)

                                   Cheryl's brother James                           Lynn's mother, Marilyn

                                   Priscilla                                                   Joey

                                   Racquel Taylor                                       Bessie Crowl




Mission Program of the Month:  Spirit of Santa Paula

Ministry of the Month

Spirit of Santa Paula

What a challenging year.  2019 the opening Harvard, a dedicated Homeless Shelter outreach by the Spirit of Santa Paula supporting the homeless of Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru.

And as 2020 rolled toward spring everything changed.  The Many Meals program which served up to 500 meals on a Wednesday night became the Many Meals Pantry.

As we went into a shutdown and shelter-in-place, for many the economy crashed and the new normal of hungry families and homeless increased.

The need for the Spirit of Santa Paula increased and Kay Bolton and Staff rose to the occasion.

Visit the website and learn how you can help at The Spirit of Santa Paula.

As an outreach of First Presbyterian Santa Paula visit our website page, First Presbyterian Outreach.


a special ash Wednesday service

In this time of COVID-19 the dynamic of worship is evolving from using ZOOM for studies and meetings to worshiping outside on Sunday mornings under the shade tree.  

Wednesday evenings, starting September 16, we will be asked to join with members of First Presbyterian and  Living Hope Church in Port Hueneme to hold a time for prayer, music and message on ZOOM. 

This period of about an hour is going to focus on scripture, how the gospel message fits in our lives today, spending time with our Lord in prayer, and even some special music.

At 7:00 PM on Wednesday, click on the Refresh picture above.  Your computer screen will be taken to the ZOOM website.  Type in the Meeting ID: 94 7018 5467 and click JOIN.  You will then be asked to activate  the launch application (, click Open Link.  Next you will asked to type in the Password:  JESUS, and click JOIN.

And instantly you will join the family.  Have a Blessed time.

Praying Hands courtesy of:  nathan-dumlao-k-oS0iKn0Qg-unsplash

Bible courtesy of:  timothy-eberly-_4l76rRSsr4-unsplash